Vocabularies for Educational resources

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RDF Knowledge Organization System (KOS)
Name Description
IEEE LOM standard
Organic.Edunet OA-AE ontology The Organic.Edunet Organic Agriculture-Agroecology (OA-AE) ontology is a conceptual model useful for classifying learning materials on the Organic Agriculture (OA) and Agroecology (AE) domain. Also, it is the core element for the advanced searching functionality (called “Semantic Search”) that is provided by the portal and it allows users to get better results when searching for learning materials on this domain. The Organic.Edunet OA-AE ontology is publicly available through the Ontology Service API (http://wiki.organic-lingua.eu/APIs#Ontology_Service_API)
Organic.Edunet Linked Open Data data.organic-edunet.eu currently contains the metadata collection of learning objects exposed through the Organic.Edunet Web portal. These objects come from organizations that have become providers of educational materials on the portal. The topics of the collection include mainly organic agriculture and agroecology.
Organic.Edunet IEEE LOM AP vocabularies The vocabularies used by the Organic.Edunet IEEE LOM AP. The are mainly based on the IEEE LOM ones, while also including vocabularies from the LRE Thesaurus v3.0.
Learning Resource Exchange (LRE) Thesaurus This vocabulary describes the subject of a learning resource and is continuously used in the European Schoolnet’s services. The scope of the LRE Thesaurus is: a) Content of multimedia educational materials; b) Content of teaching, guidance, evaluation and administration supporting materials. Managed by the European Schoolnet Vocabulary Bank for Education (VBE).
RDF vocabulary
Name Description
Organic.Edunet IEEE LOM AP